Fish Stock: The Most Complete Supplement For Your Pet

In the world of nutritional supplements, there are a LOT of options for your pet. Trust me, we’ve seen them all. Whether your pet needs support for their skin, digestion, energy, immune system--you name it, we’ve got a supplement that can help. But there’s one in particular that stands head and shoulders above the rest if you’re looking for an overall nutritional boost. That supplement? Fish stock.

Made from fermented sardines and, of course, fish stock, this supplement offers an amazing source of Omega fatty acids to support your pet’s skin and coat health. Not only that, but since the fish stock is slow cooked for so long and uses the entire fish, it contains more gelatin and glycosaminoglycan than you’ll find almost anywhere else -- and your pet’s nerve cell health, digestion, stomach lining, and joints will all benefit from it.

Fermented fish stock can also actually remineralize your pet’s tooth enamel, which can save you some serious dental bills. Plus, for our pets suffering from kidney disease, fish stock can actually be a replacement for the low-protein diet many vets recommend, because of how well it aids in the digestion of protein! Thank you, amino acids.

For the holistic health of your pet, pouring a serving of fish stock over a dish of their normal food -- whether it’s raw, freeze-dried, or kibble -- will provide some serious long-term benefits. Come visit the store today to pick some up!

Posted on August 11, 2016 .